On terrorism’s universality


” Terrorism is a tactic, not a religion, and it has been employed in the past 150 years by Muslims, Jews, anarchists, communists, Christians and Buddhists, all of whom were to some extent motivated by their beliefs ”

‘The Guardian view on fear of Islam: terrorism is not a religion’, The Guardian


Climate change or Social change?


On the controversial definition of terrorism and its unfair application to Syrian refugees


” It is never easy to say with certainty who or what comes into the definition of terrorism. Take the Syrian Kurds: they’re considered terrorists by Turkey, indispensable allies by the U.S. and secular liberators by many european political forces ”

” The number of Syrians claiming asylum in Europe who were involved in terrorist acts can be counted on the fingers of one hand, a percentage over the total number of asylum seekers practically equal to zero ”

Translated from Italian.

Elena Zacchetti, ‘Conversation manual on Syria’, Il Post

On May’s weak stance against Trump’s policies


” …while everybody understands that (Theresa May) wants to build a constructive relationship that relationship has to be based on values. I think many people would like to hear a stronger view from the UK government about the immigrant and refugee ban that was announced ”

‘US travel ban: Trump defends order as row over UK visit deepens – LIVE’, The Guardian

On why the Muslim ban is a Muslim ban


” …while the ban would make exceptions for religious minorities fleeing religious persecution in their home countries, it expressly denies entry to Muslim refugees fleeing religious persecution from Muslim governments ”

Reza Aslan, ‘If Trump can threaten my rights, he can do the same for any of us’, CNN

On the uselessness of national boundaries


” Does it make any difference if you can see the fence, or the fence is nearby, at least – or do we all carry them within us, now? The question my research addresses is whether it makes any difference to feelings of nationality, rootedness, sympathy or fear if any individual lives near the geographical border between the adjoining  states of his or her heritage and adoption. Or are borders now overwhelmingly imaginary constructions, undermined by telephone lines, Youtube, Skype and globalised culture? ”

Horatio Clare, ‘National borders cross a line of decency: we should all be citizens of the world’, The Guardian

On Trump’s approach towards climate change


” …the U.S. president’s approach to global warming could determine whether or not people around the world suffer the the worst impacts of climate change. (…) Trump’s war on our environment has already begun. Silence is not acceptable – it will simply legitimise the new president’s climate denial ”

Damian Carrington, ‘Theresa May must challenge Trump’s contempt for climate change, say MPs’, The Guardian