On how a revolutionary movement shouldn’t remain focused exclusively on electoral matters


“ The big danger for any new party is getting sucked into the electoral politics holus bolus, when that becomes the be all and end all. That’s not to say you shouldn’t be involved in electoral politics. Revolutionary movements always have. It’s when electoral politics comes to dominate. Then the movements and the struggles outside the electoral arena begin to take second place, and that’s when the distances begin to open up. Any new party that takes that constituency seriously can make some major headway. The task is not to channel that into some new electoral vehicle as an end in itself, but to build a new kind of third party that is able to organize and feed off of that energy, so people begin to see politics as not narrowly electoral but much more than that ”

Kurt Hackbarth & Colin Mooers, ‘The Common Sense of Socialism’, Jacobin Magazine


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