On why getting rid of a corrupt leader is only the beginning


“ people tend to look inward to their own interests and those of their family when there is a low level of belief in the possibility of change. Sometimes this leads to support for authoritarian projects promising to sweep the dirt from public life, which are based on xenophobia and/or falling back on other forms of belief such as evangelical Christianity for moral renewal. There is no reason to assume with enough prodding there is an angry public just waiting to take to the streets to bring down Zuma. South Africa is hardly alone, either now or historically, in seeing someone like Zuma take control of the state. The lesson, from Berlusconi’s Italy to Mugabe’s Zimbabwe (and Trump’s United States) is clear: reducing politics to being about getting rid of the bad guy in charge doesn’t cover it ”

Benjamin Fogel & Sean Jacobs, ‘Getting rid of Zuma isn’t a panacea for all South Africa’s ills’, The Guardian


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