On how reforming South African society involves more than merely getting rid of Zuma


“ We cannot assume that an angry public is just waiting to take to the streets to bring down Zuma. This is why offering an alternative vision is so vital. Appeals to the Freedom Charter and the constitution refer to a glorious past rather than promise a better future. The overarching economic debate, conducted between calls for macroeconomic stability — which emanate from Gordhan and his defenders — and vague appeals for a pro-black, redistributive ‘radical economic transformation’ needs to be contested by the Left. Surrendering the language of change to trolls will allow them to discredit left politics. The solution to corruption is creating powerful movements capable of holding the state accountable and engaging directly in the policy-making process, restructuring institutions to allow for increased participation, and fostering a new sense of public purpose constructed on a vision of collective liberation ”

Benjamin Fogel & Sean Jacobs, ‘Zuma is not the only problem’, Jacobin Magazine


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