On how Erdogan used the coup d’etat to justify the oppression of opposition


“ What has transpired since is well known: an unending ‘state of emergency’ and a massive purge within all state apparatuses, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his AKP presenting themselves as strongmen all the while. At last count, around 134,000 people had been dismissed from public service; upwards of 100,000 had been detained; roughly 2,100 schools, dormitories and universities had been shuttered; more than 7,300 academics had lost their jobs; 149 media outlets had been shut down; and well over 200 journalists had been arrested. While initially the purges were mostly directed at real or alleged Gülenists, the attacks quickly broadened to include all oppositional elements, including the Left in the broadest sense: i.e. persons even loosely associated with the Kurdish movement, leftist Kemalists, and Turkish socialists ”

Guney Isikara & Alp Kayserilioglu & Max Zirngast, ‘Voting on Dictatorship’, Jacobin Magazine


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