On the possible advantages of an artificial womb


“ During pregnancy up to 15% of women are believed to use alcohol, and about 5% use illegal drugs. Drug use, illegal or not, is known to have potentially disastrous consequences for an unborn child. For many women who use IVF to become pregnant, the time, pain and expense are wasted when their babies fail to implant in their own wombs. Giving birth can endanger the health of older women, or women with certain health conditions. An artificial womb could present a better alternative to commercial surrogacy, which many denounce as exploitative. It might also mean that the divide between mother and father can be dispensed with: a womb outside a woman’s body would serve women, trans women and male same-sex couples equally without prejudice ”

Aarathi Prasad, ‘How artificial wombs will change our ideas of gender, family and equality’, The Guardian


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