On 5 reasons why people won’t deal with climate change


“ The psychologist and economist Per Espen Stoknes, author of the essay ‘What We Think About When We Try to Not Think About Global Warming’, has tried to answer these questions by analyzing hundreds of social science studies on the subject and came to the conclusion that there are 5 psychological reasons for which the struggle for climate change involves little people. They are summarized in five concepts: the distance, both temporal and spatial, of the negative consequences of climate change; fate, that is, the fact that we perceive climate change as inevitable by now; The dissonance between what we do every day – go in the car, keep the heating on, burn plastic – and what we know we should do, which is something that makes us feel hypocritical; The rejection of the problem, which is natural when we do not want to feel responsible; And finally, identity, understood as cultural identity and political values, which often pushes people with conservative orientation to reject the problem ”

Translated from Italian.

Il Post, ‘Why do we care so little about climate change, and how do we change that’, Il Post


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