On the ‘new antisemitism’ Israeli narrative


“ The Israeli government has been quick to pounce on every antisemitic attack in Europe to promote Jewish immigration to Israel, but we’ve heard nothing but crickets in response to the uptick of anti-semitic hate acts in the United States since Trump’s election. The reason is obvious: Israel is eager to promote the narrative that radical Islam is the most serious antisemitic threat in the world. They’ve been far less eager to protest the rise of the radical right in Europe, and now in the United States, because Israel’s own political culture is increasingly dominated by the far right (…) Public figures are essentially saying, ‘I can’t be antisemitic, I support Israel.’ Then right-wing Jewish organizations, which spend a lot of time accusing BDS activists of being antisemitic, don’t make a peep when those kinds of excuses for these acts are thrown out there. Actual acts against Jews in the United States become de-prioritized; the only measure of anti-semitism is how much you support the state of Israel ”

Rebecca Vilkomerson & Rabbi Brant Rosen & Jason Farbman, ‘The Uses and Abuses of Antisemitism’, Jacobin Magazine


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