On the EU’s embracement of the neoliberal model


“ All of the southern countries face the same dilemma: the European Union is configured as a major obstacle to any political, social, or economic change that challenges the neoliberal model. The true colors of the integration proposed by the European Union are revealed when any government tries to defend social rights, economic democratization, and popular sovereignty. Then it is exposed as the “Europeanness” of the ruling classes. No government is permitted to challenge neoliberal capitalism with the German state as custodian. To put it more precisely, whereas previously the fear was a military clash organized under the supervision of a US-led NATO, today the coup d’etat comes from the European Central Bank, organized by the troika and reinforced by the German state, always taking the ruling classes of the states themselves as strategic allies ”

Manolo Monereo, ‘What’s Next for Podemos?’, Jacobin Magazine


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