On why state equality isn’t necessarily a conquest for feminists


“ Equality – that is, the quantitative principle of equality – often hides the eradication of women. The so-called state feminism has interpreted the movement of women as a carrier of a demand for equality, putting at the center of action the division of power between women and men (equal opportunities, ‘pink quotas’, women as men and many often women-who-like-to-men). When a traditionally male role is occupied by a woman, it is not said that it is automatically considered a conquest for feminists. Equal demands in the public space – which are often in the mouth of men – work as annihilation of the feminine difference: the trick of the quantity is the inadequate male response to the change triggered by the feminist revolution. That’s why it’s almost never a good fit: dimensions do not matter ”

Translated from Italian.

Giulia Siviero, ‘Emmanuel Macron and women’, Il Post


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