On the U.K.’s hypocrisy over legalization of cannabis


“ Britain loves to criticize foreign countries for their social primitivism. It derides the Irish for banning abortion; it ridicules Gulf states for suppressing alcohol; it formally protests at Nigerian genital mutilation, Saudi isolation of women, and Chechen persecution of gay people. It loves to set the world to rights by its own standards. The hypocrisy is total. The biggest single contributor to global crime is the $300bn drugs market, half of it cannabis. In Britain the cannabis market is worth an estimated £68bn, and is the single greatest cause of social disruption and distress. It is a generator of organised crime, urban gangs, anarchic prisons, corrupt policing, teenage suicide and family breakdown. This is evil enough. Britain’s attitude to medicinal cannabis is unreasoned and cruel (…) In 2014 a coalition government study of global drug laws found “no obvious relationship” between criminal sanction and consumption; yet Theresa May as home secretary fought its publication and demanded it be censored ”

Simon Jenkins, ‘Mice benefit from research into cannabis. Why not us?’, The Guardian


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