On the rampant child poverty under Theresa May


“ But the biggest single group in poverty – one third of May’s new poor – are our youngest and most vulnerable, those who don’t have a vote but certainly need a voice. Child poverty peaked at 4.3 million in the Thatcher-Major years and, mainly because of child tax credits, fell significantly under Labour. But it is rising again, from 4 million a year ago to 4.2 million this year, and, as calculated by IFS/Rowntree, will afflict 5.1 million by 2022. Think about that: one in every three boys and girls condemned to a childhood of poverty, every one of those children denied the necessities of life, the fundamental means of fulfilling their potential. That fact alone blows apart any Conservative claim to be the party of the many ”

Gordon Brown, ‘Theresa May is creating an epidemic of poverty. Don’t give her a free hand’, The Guardian



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