On Yemen’s war catastrophe


“ …the United States and the United Kingdom are supposedly ensuring that the air forces select their targets in compliance with international humanitarian law. Evidence clearly challenges the effectiveness of this arrangement, given the destruction of hundreds of medical facilities — including four operated by the highly respected Doctors Without Borders — schools, markets, mosques, weddings, and funerals (…) While the factions’ leaders are raking in profits from smuggling, the arms trade, “taxation,” and other means, the vast majority of the population now have no source of income and are facing desperate odds: of the seventeen million hungry people, seven million are close to starvation (…) For most people, the dreams of 2011 have been reduced to a single hope: the war will end, and they can return to a normal life of struggling against poverty and deprivation. A few still imagine a more equitable future. The factions leading the war are fighting for their own personal objectives. None of them care for the population’s welfare, introducing real democracy, or transitioning to a more equitable economy ”

Helen Lackner, ‘Yemen’s Disaster’, Jacobin Magazine


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