On favours made by politicians to reporters in their team


“ …in many countries fierce political polarisation means that all media get stuck with a label, even those that, like my own paper, seek the nuanced middle ground. Those that fail to prove loyal friends are potential enemies. As a result, access to politicians is increasingly less a right and more a favour, to be measured out and reserved for friends in the media, and – if it really can’t be helped – one or two others, at a safe moment. It doesn’t leave much room for normal news coverage. I was not surprised to hear that even well-established British media like Sky News are now complaining about being cut out of access to the prime minister’s events. You either belong to Theresa’s Team or you don’t. Which resembles the situation on the other side of the Atlantic a lot ”

Steven De Foer, ‘I’m a foreign reporter frozen out by Theresa May. She is behaving like Trump’, The Guardian


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