On the PSOE and corruption in Spanish politics


“The PSOE leadership race is largely seen as a choice between former leader Pedro Sánchez and the establishment-backed Susana Díaz. Since his enforced resignation in November Sánchez has turned to the left, adopting Podemos’ proposals in a range of areas, while Diaz, who was instrumental in his ousting, has clung to the political center (…) Corruption within the Spanish state and political class is out of control. In terms of its breadth and the elite’s sense of impunity it is incomparable to any other European country. There is a new case almost every day and it is impossible to keep track of all the names and cases (…) The PSOE have completely lost their youth vote. They are now the party of the passive classes. They win votes in the south, primarily in Andalucía and then amongst older people who still see PSOE as the party which after the (post-Franco) transition had slightly improved their living conditions ”

Eoghan Gilmartin & Brais Férnandez & Jaime Pastor, ‘Back to the Streets’, Jacobin Magazine


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