On the flawed liberal response to Trump’s slogans


“ Establishment liberals have two competing myths that once seemed incontestable: ‘America is great’ (which morphed into the slogan ‘America is already great’ in response to Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’), and ‘America is a force for good in the world’ (…) Thirty years of stagnating wages, crumbling infrastructure, deindustrializing cities, and rising inequality — combined with promises that the rising tide would lift all boats — had tainted the narrative of American exceptionalism for these voters. The final straw came in 2008 when the housing market collapsed and the government bailed out the banks. The catastrophic wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the muddled intervention in Syria undermined the myth that the United States is a force of good in the world. Few outside the Washington bubble believe that lofty ideals — rather than economic and geopolitical interests — drive the ongoing incursions in the Middle East ”

Rune Møller Stahl & Bue Rübner Hansen, ‘Donald’s Myths, Jacobin Magazine


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