On why Labour’s poll ratings have risen


“ Labour’s poll ratings – and Corbyn’s own numbers – have risen for two reasons. Unfiltered media coverage of Corbyn has allowed many prospective voters to reconsider their first impression of the Labour leader. Both he and his team have run an astonishing campaign. But above all else, it’s the vision Corbyn’s team offered in Labour’s manifesto that has lifted all the party’s ratings. A pledge to raise taxes on the top 5%, big corporations and financial institutions – while freezing tax for everyone else – and to invest in the NHS, education, housing, public services and jobs has resonated. So has a genuine living wage, the abolition of student debt, and bringing public utilities run by profiteers and foreign governments back under the ownership of the British people ”

Owen Jones, ‘This is not over: we can still turn the arrogance of Theresa May into hubris’, The Guardian


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