On Corbyn’s post-election optimism


“ ‘I believe the DUP is in favour of scrapping the bedroom tax,’ he said. ‘There’s a whole range of issues like that where we think there’ll be a majority in parliament.’ Corbyn said he expected there would be another election before the end of the year. ‘We cannot go on with a period of great instability,’ he said. ‘We have a programme, we have support and we’re ready to fight another election campaign as soon as may be, because we want to be able to serve the people of this country on the agenda we put forward, which is transformative and has gained amazing levels of support.’ Asked if he was prepared to lead the party for the long-term, Corbyn smiled and joked: ‘Look at me, I’ve got youth on my side’ ”

Jessica Elgot, ‘Jeremy Corbyn: Labour will call on other parties to defeat government’, The Guardian


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