On the sad story of the brave Turkish protester Veli Saçılık


“ Saçılık lost his arm in 2000, three years after being arrested in a workers’ union demonstration, when the government cracked down on hunger strikers in prisons around the country. His arm was severed and he came round handcuffed to a hospital bed. The lost limb was later was found in bin outside the jail. ‘I was not an armed terrorist, but even if I were, that’s not what I deserve,’ he said. ‘I don’t usually cry, but I cried then, out of anger rather than sadness.’ (…) ‘I’m a one-armed person, and there’s a teacher with a pacemaker, but our argument is strong and these people are obviously normal and innocent when the government tries to portray us as terrorists,’ he said. ‘We are right, our argument is right, and they know that. Whenever we try to demand our rights, it ends in detentions, beatings, torture or death. But I’m hopeful, that’s why I’m protesting ”

Kareem Shaheen & Gözde Hatunoğlu, ‘One-armed Turkish protester denounces investigation against him’, The Guardian


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