On the effectiveness of the political correctness argument


“ One could then say that no one proclaims or describes himself as “politically correct”: the phrase exists first of all as an accusation. On the part of those who address the accusation, the “not politically correct” or rather the ‘political impropriety”, is instead claimed and built on very solid foundations: those of freedom of thought and expression, of opposition to censorship, of courage to go beyond all the conformism and the speeches granted by the public debate. It also assumes the existence of influential and unspecified (almost mythological) actors who try to control everything that is done and all the words that are used: and that carry with them, automatically, a kind of policeman morality. The use of the “politically correct” argument has great success and effectiveness: it immediately pushes on the defensive, puts in check any answer, disqualifies from the beginning ”

Translated from Italian.

Giulia Siviero, ‘Being ‘politically correct’ in a radical way is subversive’, Il Post


On U.S.’ unacceptable recognisement of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital


“ Of all the issues at the heart of the enduring conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, none is as sensitive as the status of Jerusalem. The holy city has been at the centre of peace-making efforts for decades. Seventy years ago, when the UN voted to partition Palestine into Jewish and Arab states, Jerusalem was defined as a separate entity under international supervision. In the war of 1948 it was divided, like Berlin in the cold war, into western and eastern sectors under Israeli and Jordanian control respectively. Nineteen years later, in June 1967, Israel captured the eastern side, expanded the city’s boundaries and annexed it – an act that was never recognised internationally. Israel routinely describes the city, with its Jewish, Muslim and Christian holy places, as its “united and eternal” capital. For their part, the Palestinians say East Jerusalem must be the capital of a future independent Palestinian state. The unequivocal international view, accepted by all previous US administrations, is that the city’s status must be addressed in peace negotiations. Recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital puts the US out of step with the rest of the world, and legitimises Israeli settlement-building in the east – considered illegal under international law ”

The Guardian, ‘ Death toll rises to 12 in violence after Trump’s Jerusalem recognition ‘, The Guardian