On the help drug addicts need


“ It’s true that breaking free from heroin, alcohol or sugar requires an effort of individual will. It is equally true that it is easier to summon the strength to quit when others are on hand to help. These truths ought to be self-evident ”

Nick Cohen, ‘You don’t have to be poor to be hooked on alcohol or drugs but it helps’, The Guardian


On how governments should deal with homelessness


“ In light of the global scale and depth of homelessness and inadequate housing, and the roots of these problems in the failure of governments to regulate the financialisation of housing, it is no longer reasonable for governments to treat these realities as mere policy or programme failures. Homelessness and inadequate housing are violations of human rights – and demand the appropriate response (…) Strategies must transform how governments, at all levels, interact with those who are homeless and inadequately housed. Instead of viewing them as needy beneficiaries, objects of charity, or, worse, as criminals, they must instead recognise that people who are homeless also have rights – and are active citizens who should be involved in decisions affecting their lives ”

Leilani Farha, ‘Housing is a human rights issue – and 2018 must be the year to address it’, The Guardian