On why, after the London Bridge attacks we must end policies of selective condemnation


“ Theresa May responded to the criminal attacks at London Bridge by saying: Enough is enough. Yes, enough is enough with the policies of stigmatisation and selective condemnation. It is time for something new, for less hypocrisy and more humanity and courage ”

Tariq Ramadan, ‘We will not tackle extremism by stigmatizing Muslim citizens’, The Guardian


On Duterte’s brutal methods


“ Loved by many in the Philippines for his confrontational style, the president has lashed out at his critics, labeling the United Nations ‘stupid’ and former US president Barack Obama a ‘son of a whore’. He also announced he personally killed criminals, including throwing one suspect to his death from a helicopter. The Philippine house of representatives approved a version of the death penalty bill this month that will allow the execution of drug convicts by hanging,firing squad, or legal injection ”

Oliver Holmes, ‘Philippine president swears  at European MPs over death penalty criticism’, The Guardian

On terrorism’s universality


” Terrorism is a tactic, not a religion, and it has been employed in the past 150 years by Muslims, Jews, anarchists, communists, Christians and Buddhists, all of whom were to some extent motivated by their beliefs ”

‘The Guardian view on fear of Islam: terrorism is not a religion’, The Guardian

Climate change or Social change?